HDX Series

Switching Power offers the HDX "High Density" Series which boasts 18.75W/cubic inch in a "1U" package! Multiple outputs up to 750 Watts and single outputs up to 1500 Watts per cassette. Includes standby 5V/0.25A output with optional I2C capability.


  • ZVS Power Architecture
  • I2C Serial Data Bus Option
  • Hot Swappable
  • High Power, up to 1500 Watts
  • Up to 5 Outputs
  • Integral Led Status Indicators
  • Low Profile: 1.6 inch (41mm) High
  • ORing Diodes on All Outputs
  • V1, V2 and V3 Current Sharing
  • Universal 85-264Vac Input
  • 19 Inch Rack Holds Three Units
  • DC Versions Available 18-40Vdc & 36-75Vdc

AC Input Versions (90-264Vac):
600W, Multi-Output: HDX-600P
750W, Multi-Output: HDX-750P
1200W, Single Output: HDX-1200P
1500W, Single Output: HDX-1500P

48Vdc Input Versions (36-75Vdc):
600W, Multi-Output: HDX-600DC
800W, Single Output: HDX-800DC

24/28Vdc Input Versions (18-40Vdc):
300W, Multi-Output: HDX-310DC
400W, Single Output: HDX-410DC

250Vdc Input Version (125-350Vdc):
1200W, Single Output HDX-1200DC

Rack Enclosures:
1200W AC input data sheet HDXRK-1200AC
2400W AC input data sheet HDXRK-2400AC
600W DC input data sheet HDXRK-600DC

I2C application note:
600 Watt I2C Bus-Data Sheet: HDX-600P-I2C-Data-Sheet
1200 Watt I2C Bus-Data Sheet: HDX-1200P-I2C-Data-Sheet

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