VPX Series

Our VPX product line has proven reliability to support mission-critical electronics. From aircraft surveillance and guided missile destroyers, to mobile radars, these feature rich workhorses won't let you or your customers down. Some key features are:


  • Ruggedized Mechanical Design
  • High Power Density, up to 1500 Watts
  • I2C per VITA 46.11 System Management Bus
  • N+1 Redundant with Internal Oring FETS/Diodes
  • Customized Input/Output Configurations Available
  • VITA 62 Card Guide Style Conduction & Convection Cooled
  • Side Covers Support Two-Level Military Maintenance Requirements

Conduction Cooled

        Single Phase Vac Input Data Sheets:
                        3U, 300W, Multi-Output:  VPX-300-P
                        3U, 700W, Single Output: VPX-700S-P
                        6U, 700W, Multi-Output:  VPX-700-P

        3-Phase Vac Input Data Sheets:
                        6U,   700W,  Multi-Output   - Designed to Meet MIL-STD-704:    VPX-700-3P
                        6U, 1000W, 28Vdc Output   - Designed to Meet MIL-STD-1399:  VPX-1000S-3P
                        6U, 1500W, 28Vdc Output   - Designed to Meet MIL-STD-704:    VPX-1500S-3P

        28 Vdc Input Data Sheet:
                        3U, 400W, Multi-Output:  VPX-400-DC-28

        270 Vdc Input per MIL-STD-704 Data Sheets:
                        3U, 400W, Multi-Output:  VPX-400-DC-270
                        6U, 800W, Multi-Output:  VPX-800-DC-270

Convection Cooled

        Single Phase Vac Input Data Sheets:
                        6U, 700W, Multi-Output:  VPX-700P-CONV-10HP

Application Notes

        VPX Signal Functions Data Sheets:
                        VPX Series (Vac & Vdc inputs):  VPX Signal Data Sheet

        I2C Data Sheet Data Sheets:
                        300/400 Watt I2C Bus-Data Sheet:   VPX-300/400 (Vac & 270Vdc inputs)
                        400 Watt I2C Bus-Data Sheet:         VPX-400 (28Vdc input)
                        700/800 Watt I2C Bus-Data Sheet:  VPX-700/800 (Vac & Vdc inputs)
                        1000 Watt I2C Bus-Data Sheet:      VPX-1000 (Vac & Vdc inputs)

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